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  • Thanks to all of you, the salon can do its best!

Thanks to all of you, the salon can do its best!

Always I am indebted.
THE SALON Haneda Ayano will deliver.
It looks like it's going to be hot like summer again from tomorrow ☀️
It's going to be a turning point for a year 😍
(Isn't it too early?? The feeling is getting faster and faster.
No, no, no, no, I'm getting old! ! )



The other day,Universe Club's most popular content! !
[question box]I went to take a look at it for the first time in a while.
(There are a lot of frank and frank questions, and there are many dry comments and written as I think, so I read it.)
Among them, I found several respondents who wrote well about SALON and who supported me.

It was amazing and warm.
I felt warm.
Thank you very much????


The other day, there were repeated cancellations on the day.
10 minutes before the appointment time, the woman said that she could not come due to circumstances.
(I can't put it in with a calm feeling. I'm hungry.
There is no cancellation 10 minutes in advance for any reason. )
When the man apologizes after arriving
"It's totally fine, so don't worry about it." .Nikoli
After that, I had a chat at the salon,
"Thank you very much for listening to my story today." .
Thank you for expressing your gratitude.
Along with feeling sorry, I felt warm and warm.
thank you very much💐 I will do my best to introduce you to a wonderful woman!


one day
To the woman who was unsuccessful the day before,
I was sorry that I could not connect a good relationship due to my lack of ability.
"I'm sorry that I couldn't complete it due to my lack of power.
I will try harder.
If there is a preference for men, we will do so, so please continue to support us. "
(What a humble princess! I want to support her until she finds someone nice!)
The woman's words suddenly gave me motivation.
thank you very much????


Yes, when I look back on my days, I think that I am working surrounded by warm events.
Be thankful for even the smallest things and become a Buddha.
(Hey! Which direction are you going? Haneda 👼)

But if you can appreciate the little things,
I think I can notice petty things and take care of them.
We have to do our best to aim for THESALON to be the one and only.
All you have to do is connect and give back to the members who support you! ! 😌

In addition, there are more events and gratitude than I can write! !
We are often encouraged by the kindness of our members.


And with the staff and concierge who support a lot behind the scenesI want the store to be the best😌
(It's a kotodama, so I'll write it many times 🔥)

I would like to close today with gratitude and a warm feeling.

Thank you for your continued support ✨


Women who are interested in SALON!
Please come and have an interview.

Men who are interested in SALON!
We are looking forward to your appointment.


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Concierge Ayano Haneda


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