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Tips for getting an interview

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It's finally getting hot!
Every time I encounter a summery scent, I feel excited (*^^*)
The atmosphere of going on a trip this year may be adding to the excitement.
Summer 2022, let's have fun! (It goes without saying (o´艸`))



Tips for passing the interview of the main subject.


After interviewing and introducing many women, I think
"Brightness and charm are important, aren't they?"


Of course, the impression of the staff individual at the time of the interview is good,
When such women are introduced, they receive feedback from men saying that they are “bright and nice.”
I think I'd like to introduce it from my experience so far.


It doesn't mean that you're kyapikyapi by any means, (kyapikyapi chooses people)
・Answer with a smile
・ Bright voice and tone
It's ok if you can talk to me!
I wonder if it will be conveyed...


vice versa,
A voice so small that you have to struggle to hear it
・A cold voice with bare vigilance and no trace of affection
If you talk about it, the staff will also get scared (scared...) (laughs)
I wonder if you can talk like this in front of a man...
No, I wonder if I can't talk... and a bad scene comes to mind.
If you think of a bad scene, you can't introduce it.
If you can't introduce them, you can't hire them.


The specs are like this, the face and style are like this, and when I was wondering whether to adopt or not,
"How do you talk?" "I didn't feel cheerful / charming."
"Then it's not good. Is it difficult to hire?"
And it is often the decisive factor for rejection.


If you are not good at it, you may be perceived as having a "bad attitude",
It's really a waste if you don't intend to.


"Aegyo is a soft weapon that defeats those who are stronger than you."
There are words like
In fact, isn't a woman who is doing well as a father living strongly with aegyo as her weapon?


Smile when you have a conversation
Please be aware of this♪



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