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Introducing a cute college student✨

Good evening everyone☆彡


Thank you for visiting the Salon Blog.
Today is Kiritani😊.


The other day, I saw Instagram and came to the salon interview
I would like to tell you a story about a cute college girl.


She is 22 years old, has short hair and a small face.


Neat and clean clothes suit her very well.
Classy and cute
It was unbearable.


Papa life seems to be the first time.
He wanted to study abroad, so he said he wanted to save some pocket money.


Somehow, I felt the charm that attracts people~(^^♪
The way you speak is also elegant ✨​
and pure.


I'm sure you will grow up well.
Exactly the raw stone! ! !


I would like to introduce you to SALON male members.​


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