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Learn from gentlemen's consideration and talk

thank you always.

On “office work only” days,This is hayama, who is going to work in a cool outfit.


Even so,The recent heat is abnormalis not it….


Due to the extreme heat, the other day I went to Haneda,"On a day like this,I want to eat chilled Chinese noodles.”

Immediately, "Let's go eat during lunch break!"I have a question.


“By the way, where is a delicious chilled Chinese restaurant?”


I usually research mainly cold Chinese noodles,Very rarely (laughs).

While I was researching everything on my smartphone,I was thinking about something like this.


“Delicious chilled Chinese noodles, right?

(After all, I'm a "Mr. chain store")


Then, Haneda said a word.


"Come to think of it, unexpectedly, Hiyashi-chuka at Nichi-ya,It's delicious."


Unlike me, Haneda, who is a gourmet and knows a lot about restaurants,No way, the name of the day ◯ shop will pop up!

(I'm sorry, Japanese shop...)

Even though I was caught off guard, I suddenly became happy,I took advantage of it unintentionally.



"That old-fashioned standard feeling is delicious~"


So, on that day, the two of us enjoyed a delicious cold Chinese meal from Hi*ya.came.


Well, at a chain store,Affordable and delicious lunch is preeminent for stability, but ...

on second thoughts,When it comes to a dinner date at night, "Those who know,The shop has a nice atmosphere.”Is not it!

The other day, during a conversation with a male SALON member,I received such an invitation.


"I want to use it for a meal with a woman,There's a shop that I've been interested in for a long time,If you like, you can also previewHayama-san, would you like to go with us? ”


Lucky for you,A man took me to a sushi restaurant he was looking for.


Because it is a preview, a female role (laughs)?I sat side by side with the man at the counter,I heard a lot of fun stories.

There are plenty of topic drawers, I see,Content that even young women can naturally talk about with interestI felt that.


In addition to the taste of the food, without worrying about the surroundings,Because it was a shop with an atmosphere where you can relax and talk,The man also said, "If it's this, I can use it on a date without any problems."I was told.

I,"As expected of a gentleman,On a daily basis, I am devoted to researching shops and topics that women are likely to enjoy.That's right."I was deeply moved.


It is because of this concern thatThe other woman can enjoy the date with peace of mind,That accumulation is the secret to a long and fulfilling relationship,It was a night of learning again.


Melting hot days continue, but...

In order to provide many wonderful encounters at SALON this summer,All the concierge will be devoted to your support!



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