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SALON's lottery✨

Hello everyone.
Thank you for always looking at the SALON blog.
Thank you!


Today is Kiritani 😊


Have you bought your 2022 Summer Jumbo Lottery ticket?
This year's prize is 1 million yen, including the first prize! ! !
It's amazing if you win 😍✨


Has anyone really won a lot of money in the lottery? ? ?
I've never heard of it around me lol
I never met you.
I just won tens of thousands of yen!I have heard that.


Well, if you don't buy it in the first place, you won't win 💦

If you think so, is there something similar to the setting of the salon?


A man pays an annual membership fee to buy a dream?


Until the 20-minute feeling time begins at the SALON store,
Until you open the door to the private room, what kind of person will you be today?
I have no idea.


The salon is where you can enjoy this excitement and excitement.

What is actually happening?
Maybe, the moment you open the door and take a look at your partner,
You may have almost the answer


I would like to talk to you for 20 minutes and then give you a reply.


Even if you look like a type, when you talk, you're different.
He doesn't look like my type, but when I talked to him, we hit it off and had a blast.


If your partner is your type
It's a big hit 🎯!


Why don't you all try the SALON lottery challenge?


SALON in the future
Thank you ✨ 


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