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beauty starts from the skin

Thank you for always watching.
Youth wordsIt's Kawakami who speaks normally (occasionally).


Because the intonation of the whole word does not have an accent,
At first, I was told that I didn't have an accent at all, and I thought so too.
As time goes on, there are some words that are pointed out and confused, such as "Isn't the intonation strange?"
And when I was pointed out, I was confused as to what was the standard language and what was the accent.
Now, I can defiantly say, "I can understand it in context!"


Come to think of it, I often interview women from Kansai.
The Kansai dialect that sometimes appears and disappears makes me think it's nice and cute!



I will talk about the recent interview situation!


Recently, I often meet women who have smooth and shiny skin...!
It's fair-skinned and has no blemishes or other mosaics, just like a peeled egg!
There were even women who didn't wear foundation...
Oh, how wonderful!


Beautiful skin is also an essential condition for pureness,
If your skin is beautiful, I feel that the degree of beauty will be improved by just that.


I often hear requests from men saying, "I want a woman with beautiful skin."


Beautiful skin is not something that can be obtained overnight, except in the case of "genetic victory!"
I want to aim for it 😭! !


It was Kawakami who felt a small shoulder between Haneda and Kiritani, who have beautiful skin.
Let's do our best~~~😭


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