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Looking for Cinderella girls! ! (August)

Good luck in the summer!
I'm Kiritani.thank you always.


It's hot ☀️


That's why the resistance is weakened in the air conditioner.Let's go out in good spirits.It feels good to take a shower after getting sweaty ♫
Beer after the bath 🍺 (laughs)


Now for the SALON audition!Thanks to all of you, many women have applied, but Cinderella doesn't show up!


So now!
[Recruitment] I will ✨


A woman who believes in her own beauty!
A woman who thinks she's cute!
I'm not sure...but
Shall we go take a look?

A woman who thinks

Please try applying once.


Would you like to come and wear the glass shoes?
Although it is a difficult task, the woman who was hired is a confident and wealthy man.You can meet the prince


We will present [Amazon gift certificate] to the adopted woman 🎁.


・Modern women (such as Instagram and TikTok)
・A cool woman (like a Minato Ward girl)
・ Neat and clean woman (like a female announcer)

・An intelligent woman (like a graduate from a famous university)


Please come dressed in style.

Judging will be based on profiles, photos and videos.
(Don't worry, we will discard it if it is not adopted.)


We look forward to receiving your application.
If it is difficult to connect by phone, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please try again after a while.
I kindly thank you.
We are looking forward to seeing you all ✨🥰 


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