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Do you feel guilty about being a dad? ?

Always I am indebted.
THESALON Ayano Haneda will deliver 🎀

It's August now!(^^)!It's hot~☀✨
Please drink plenty of water 🍺



I suddenly thought.
Are you embarrassed to be a dad?
Feel guilty?
Isn't it something you can talk about openly?

(There are quite a few young people who can talk to their friends, right? Haneda is a group of people who want to keep it a secret if they are doing it themselves.)


Cheating is bad, cheating is bad, that kind of man is shit
(What percentage of women in the world think so?)
The world I've seen
"Most people in the world cheat."
“Rich people have other women to love and support than their wives.”
Because of this, dad life is established.

(There are string men who are popular for some reason even though they have no worth. This is nothing but trash.)


It is said that there are two types of men in the world.

① "Men are creatures who cheat"The type that lives on instinct

② "I don't want to cheat, so I don't.
I don't do it because I can't forgive cheating in the first place. "

(If this is a boyfriend or husband, it's a winning lottery. Isn't this a level of 1 in 1 people?)


I think the above can also be replaced by women.

Women don't cheat.It seems that cheating on women is bad in the world,
An image that should not exist
no, honestTimes are different!

Haneda, I will ask at the interview.
“Even if you have a boyfriend, do you have any resistance to being a dad?”
"Aren't you going to find out?"
“Is dad life a different thing?”


Women who come to registerSex with boyfriend and dad life are completely different things9% of people think so.


Anyway, it's a different thing!
Even if I have a boyfriend, I can't do it if I feel more guilty than feeling guilty about being held by another man.
Sense of part-time job, I need money.
This reality that there is no time to line up beautiful things.
The more you listen to the story, the more you understand the truth of a woman. .


Showa's mother (Haneda)'s ideas are old, so they can't evolve.

It's a story that women cheat as if it's normal for men to cheat.

[If men cheat, so do women]
It is better not to dream too much.


Someone who is kind, has money, and cares about many women
This is very economical.It keeps me moisturized.


"I don't care if I don't have money. I like a single-minded man who loves only me. And I want to continue to cherish him."
I recommend that women who want to stick to this do not do dad activities.
You should cherish the happiness in front of you and stop coming to this world.


Someday, it seems that there will soon be an era where there is no guilt when it comes to being a dad.
More easily and easily ☕
I think it will turn into an open community.

A long time ago, it was prostitution, and now the word used for compensated dating is almostDead language.
"Papa-katsu" in one go
Reiwa's dad activities will surely evolve further.


You only live once, act responsibly rather than pride
Living a life without regrets is the best. !(^^)!🎁



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