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A person who is easy to talk to.

thank you always.

Hayama is a person who tends to be approached by people he meets for the first time.


Even if you are walking through the crowds of the city,There are many situations where you will be asked for directions.


Standing by the window of the train,A white man with an uneasy face approached from afar and said, "Excuse me, this train stop Shinagawa? "I asked.


How many times have I been asked to do polling station exit polls?


Hi, I totally understand that feeling...


surely,My "good personality" or rather "gentle aura"It's already overflowing from my whole bodyI guess.

Among the many people present,To all of you who dare to call me,I want to say it out loud.


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always choosing me!!”

(what are you talking about)


just the other dayIn the restroom of the building where the SALON office is located,I was spoken to by a cleaning lady.


Well, until I can talk to you, it's a very, very daily occurrence....

The problem is the timing.


Obachan who was cleaning the toilet earlier,I entered later, and just when I started to use the urinal,Talked to me from a close distance behind me diagonally to the rightIt is




Completely taken by surprise, I unintentionally let out such a voice,I almost looked back.

(I almost stopped peeing)


Obachan:“It was hot outside today too, wasn’t it?It's unusually hot.Be careful of heat stroke."


No, it's my first experience.

Indeed,While I'm peeing,spoken to by strangersThe is.


Even so, I managed to answer calmly and brightly.


I:“It’s really too hot, isn’t it?Let's be careful of heat stroke! "



That's why, "The ease of talking to Hayama is hardcore."That's what I was talking about.

(so what are you talking about)

But lately, I've been thinking about it.

Now in my 40s,It was good to be seen as "a person who is easy to talk to" from the surroundingsI don't know.


When I was in my teens and 10s, it was the exact opposite.

Men, in particular, may be more prone toWhen he was young, he put on a bravado because of his youth and said, "Don't talk to me."A tangy atmosphere likewas consciously exuding to the surroundingsI feel like


What was it?

From an adult's point of view, it's embarrassingly funny, that feeling (laughs).


Thinking about it now, it's just a "reversal of lack of confidence"It's nothing more thanAnyway, at that time I didn't want to be disrespected,I don't like being told what to do, and I don't like being laughed at.


In the end, I was just trying to make myself look biggerWhat do you think it is.


myself tooCompletely "talkable character"people in their 30s and beyond, whereI especially enjoy communicating with the younger generation.I feel like


even if you say so,As expected, being able to talk to Obachan in the toilet,How do you like it? (laughs)

I don't know what the correct answer isThe dignity of an adult man,I want to wear it in moderationIt was Hayama who wished.



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