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Actions that not everyone can do will change the future

Thank you for always watching.
This is kawakami from the salon.


Are you a person who can act with time to spare?


I'm embarrassed to say that I'm the type of person who is loose with time.
The more time you have, the closer you are, the more likely you are to be late.
As a countermeasure when going out, think that the scheduled time is earlier than the original scheduled time.
But it's also very stressful.
terrible!I missed the train!At this rate, I will miss the Shinkansen!Even if I call a taxi from now on, it won't be in time (crying)
→Ah, actually, it was the Shinkansen after one.good,,,
And the trip usually starts with a cold sweat.I want to graduate


However, when I think about it, I often arrive earlier when it comes to meetings with friends...
Kinds may have the effect of calling friends.
Fortunately or unfortunately, I don't know.



This is how I feel, so I respect people who can always act with leeway.


Among former female members of SALON,
"When I'm on a date, I arrive at the location one hour before."
There was a person who said.
Of course, in order not to burden the other party, let us know that it is okay to change the schedule, including cancellation.
As a woman, and as a person, I really admire you.


There is no way such a woman would not be looked upon by anyone.
I was first seen by a fat daddy and graduated brilliantly.



Being late for an interview makes the interviewer feel bad.(In the case of an interview, there are other schedules before and after, so it may be too early...)

If you are late for the setting, the image of the other party will be bad.

Being late for a date may be the decisive blow that "next time" disappears.


If you keep in mind to act early, you might find a good person.

Maybe your pay will go up.



If there is a possibility that you can miss or grab an opportunity with a little action,
I want to be able to take action that I can grasp.


But most people can't do it even if they know...

The reality that people who can do it are useful


I will do my best (crying)


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