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Autumn is the season for dating? !

Everyone who is reading the blog of SALON

Always I am indebted.
This is SALON Nishino!

Are you all busy?

It's finally getting cooler these days, and it's getting easier (^^)

It's the change of season, so please don't lose your physical condition!

Well, this time's recommended song! SUKISHSA's Like a Saint♪
Nishino is a rare Japanese artist.

SUKISHA seems to be a project by track maker Hiroyuki Ikezawa.

Truly a truck maker!Because of that, the beat is very comfortable,
The backing track is very stylish (^^)

Guitars, drums, and other musical instruments are also stylish, so I think it will be very popular with those who have experience with musical instruments!

It looks like it will be popular with young people, so I expect it to become more popular in the future.
(Isn't it already popular among young people?)

I'm only 27 years old, but I can't keep up with trends and feel like an uncle every day. .

By the way, August is over, and it's already autumn. .

Autumn is also said to be the season of encounters (did I say that?),
Ladies and gentlemen who are smoldering there!Why don't you come and experience the salon?

The temperature has become comfortable, so I would appreciate it if you could feel free to visit us.

It's a little early, but don't men want to meet a nice date woman for Christmas? !
Ladies, don't you want to date a man with a high level and get a Christmas present? ! (^^)

We are waiting for your inquiry anytime ✨


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