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Could you tell me the size over there?

Hello everyone (#^.^#)
September started today🎇

It won't be long until winter from here⛄✨
In August, 8 beautiful women joined us💄


Recently, I had a thought.
(I apologize for the same content on the Universe Club blog.)

"Women are A cups, F cups, small breasts,
Even though there is a size notation such as big breasts,
Why is the size of a man's penis a fun bag until you see it?It seems unfair.
(Can you tell me first??)'



・I'm wearing it
・I wear it a lot
・Pork Bits
・Smells a little
・I have great things
・Contains pearls
...."If you find out about the dick first, what will you do?"

I was delusional, but it has nothing to do with size! !
I went around and thought that the fun bag would be more exciting.
Fun bags! !


And THESALON is a system that introduces women's photos without publishing them.
It is a complete fun bag method.
I can't see a woman's appearance until I meet both men and women.


There are many beautiful women who care about their bodies.
Therefore, about 9% of people who do not want to show their faces come to register at SALON.


It is a papa katsu salon where male members and concierges can play together.
Make a chart of men's preferences and analyze them like AI,
(I don't know which one is better, AI or us.)
Sometimes you can enjoy changing balls,
Sometimes we talk about things other than matching,
In order not to waste the member's year,
It is a system that you can think that SALON was fun.


Hospitality, warmth, snuggle, these words can be lined up as many as you like, but I will do my best with sincerity.


One of my dreams now is for THESALON to continue to grow as one of the pillars of the Universe Group 10 years from now.
(I'll put it in words anyway.)

Well then
If you are even 1mm interested in THESALON,
please use this form.

The concierge
please use this form.

I have one last thing to say! !

This is my last request to all of you.
Look at the fingerprints on your right thumb
just look at it



"Good to myself"
Please give me a compliment 👍

"I did my best today too 😊"
"Thank you for your hard work 😌"


Thank you for reading to the end (*^◯^*)


- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Concierge Ayano Haneda


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