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Are you enjoying your salon life?

thank you always.

I'm Hayama and I'm thinking of buying an electric bicycle soon.


Although this is not necessary for life,I feel like riding a bicycleBecause it has become


The area around my house is a flat terrain in front of the station,A little northwest of town,Gradually, the idyllic rural scenery spreads out.

I really like this atmosphere.


Sometimes I walk and take a walk,It's a gentle mountain, so I think an electric bicycle would be better (smile).

Once I get my hands on it, I want to ride it to my heart's content!

The story has changed,Let me be your salon conciergeTwo years have passed since I started receiving it.


It's been two years...


Really, time at SALON is fast,The months and days fly by.

I often talk with other concierges,When you are in the salon,Anyway, I feel that time is short, and the day goes by quicklyWhat is it?

Well, just because everyone's daily life is fulfilling,I will take the speed of time positively (laughs).


Speaking of "fulfillment",I myself have experienced various enhancements in the SALON scene.I can taste the feeling, and I still continue to stack them.


Among them,


"The moment when male members decide to renew their annual membership"It is,It is the greatest joy, including a year of trial and error,It feels like everything has paid off.

As a barometer that shows "Satisfaction with SALON", we will continue to work so that as many members as possible can renew with a smile.I would like to keep pushing the pedal steadily steadily.


I look forward to speaking with you again this September at SALON.We are waiting for you!



- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Concierge Shinji Hayama


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