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Women aged between 19 and 20

Hello everyone who is viewing the SALON blog.
Kiritani will excuse me for today.


A woman who just celebrated her 20th birthday the other day
Let's talk about being [hired] in the interview.


Actually, I received an inquiry from the woman before this summer,
At that time, I was still 19 years old!


It was a great story, but since the SALON requires registration from the age of 20, I declined...
I'm sorry🙇‍‍


But the lady waited for me until my birthday.


Salon's interview rate is less than 10%...
I don't even know if I will be accepted
Thank you for waiting ✨


On the day of the interview, I was picked up at the door.


The first impression is excellent style!
My legs are long and slender ~ ♡ I thought.
I have a small face and it was hidden by a mask.
I didn't understand


Taking off the mask


Oh ✨✨✨ what do you mean ~.
Isn't it cute 😊✨


I was able to show you my teeth, but it was very beautiful.
According to what I hear, it seems that I had braces when I was a high school student.


She is a girly woman whose gestures are cute even while she is talking.
I'm sure men will like it.The impression is that


Kiritani often sees trending SNS,
Would you say you're a cool girl these days?
She is just that kind of woman.


I couldn't help but want to call her "Hime♡"✨


I will be the youngest woman in SALON.
Thank you for choosing Salon.thank you.

Dear 18-year-old and 19-year-old women reading this blog!
If you are 20 years old, please come to SALON for an interview.


We also accept interview appointments.We look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you for your cooperation.


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