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Number of women hired in SALON September

Always I am indebted.

East Customer Loyalty Group
I am Haneda, in charge of THE SALON.


October will pass by super fast.
It's cold and the morning is getting tough anyway.
When the alarm clock rings→turns off→rings→turns off
I have slept 5 times.
(I'm Haneda, who doesn't like winter.)


Talking with Mamiya todayBehind the scenesThe
I would like to inform the members,
SALON female employment rateI will tell everyone!



96 interviews
3.2 cases per day on average

The number of people employed is...




10 peopleEnglish learning is necessary to prepare for life, learning and interaction with the global environment. <br> IT Skills (programming logic) is necessary to prepare for the needs of the future.<br> Financial literacy is necessary to prepare for creating, managing and being smart with time and wealth.<br>


(High hurdles!)

Only 10 out of 1 people was hired.
(September was less.)


We will introduce selected women to male members.
Dear members, we will introduce women who are close to your preferences.
So I can't introduce a lot of people to women.

As long as the work that connects such encounters is really fun every day.


male members, female members,
A woman who summoned her courage and applied
I am filled with gratitude.



Ladies and gentlemen, it's getting cold, so please take care of yourself.

THE SALON Haneda Ayano


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