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It stinks.

Thank you for always watching.
Hayama's blogThis is Kawakami, who was contacted by a woman who was late for the set-up while I was reading.
While I was waiting, I had the man who arrived first talk to me.
It's a story about using it to kill time, sorry.


For the time being, I had contacted you in advance,
The start itself was delayed, but it was OK because you could come before the start time.
(not really ok)



Of course, a significant delay increases the possibility of failure,
There are many other factors that can lead to failure.
Written by Kiriya"He wasn't my type" is one of them.
It is no exaggeration to say that this is the most common reason for refusals from men.
However, this is really a lack of matching ability on our staff side,
Ladies, please don't be offended.
It's just that you weren't the type that this man likes, but you're beautiful! !


By the way, when it comes to unsuccessful topics, it is always "reason for men to refuse".
I can't help it because it's often the man who refuses.

By now, though, you're getting bored, aren't you?Right?

Would you like to hear the other side of the story once in a while?

So today I would like to write about the reason why the woman refuses 😉


One of the reasons is obvious!As the title says!
OdorIt is.
I'm from Kussai.


If you think that it is bad, I will correct it first,
This time I'm talking about a pretty rare reason!
Please do not misunderstand me.


Is it something that smells from the armpit?


Is it something that drifts from the mouth with a lukewarm sigh,


Is it something that smells like bacteria breeding from clothes...


I don't know what kind of smell it is, but women are sensitive to men's odors.
It's not something that can be done because we are talking in that closed room space of the salon.
It's not a story that can be pointed out to those who meet for the first time,
I can't escape until 20 minutes have passed, and I have no choice but to breathe through my mouth.
My mouth is dry and my mouth stinks too!Say.


Do you want to have dinner together after this? → It's impossible, I feel like I'm going to throw up what I ate

Did you get kissed? → Impossible, impossible, impossible!Please excuse me! !Slap!


Well,I can't think of a relationship, so I'm going to refuse~



The difficult part is that it is difficult to notice odors on your own.
And it is a problem that is difficult for others to point out.
Even at a salon, you can't tell men as they are!
Even if a woman refuses because of the smell,
You have two choices, either tell him to decline for some other reason, or pray that the man will decline.
The match you thought you had turned down might actually have been turned down by a woman...



Mouthwash is available in the SALON restroom, so please use it for both men and women.
We also have wet towels, so you can wipe your body.
Ladies and gentlemen, try not to make your partner feel uncomfortable with your smell.



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