salon diary

I started vlogging!

Always I am indebted.
Ayano Haneda and Shinji Hayama will collaborate and deliver.
this time,first vlogI was able to do it.
What is Vlog first?
Voice+Blog  TogetherVlogIt is said that.
It seems to be popular now.I tried riding a wave.
I would be happy if you could listen to it ↓↓↓






The first time, I talked with Hayama for about 30 minutes, but I thought it was too long.
I took a picture again and uploaded this Vlog.
One of the things that made me want to do it was, what kind of people are we concierges?
I started this time because I want to convey that to the members and those who are listening.

What I noticed when I actually shot it was that Haneda's voice alone gave me a strong feeling.
I laughed at myself.Even though my voice is
This time, I wanted to bring out Shinji Hayama, so I think I was able to feel Hayama that everyone didn't know.
Hayama is usually a mood maker, a comedian, and a master at softening the atmosphere, but I couldn't bring it out at all.
I'm not strong enough...I regret it.Stay tuned for next time! !

Salon is full of secrets, but we concierges don't need secrets.
I was able to send it from my voice.
I would be happy if you could enjoy it until the end.
Next time I would like to send another pair.

Thank you for your continued support as a salon and concierge (*^▽^*)

Ayano Haneda



How was the "Vlog", the first attempt as a salon?

Once again, listening to my own recorded voice is embarrassing and itchy.

This project started with the purpose of "I want everyone to know what a concierge is."
I was once again keenly aware that it was unexpectedly difficult to quickly answer random questions.

Haneda asked me, "What is your favorite food?"
Later, I regretted saying, "I should have said something better!"

Of course I blog as text, but I personally love chatting, so I would like to continue with the second and third bulletins like a radio.

All other SALON concierges are fun and funny members.
I would be happy if we could deliver a talk that brings out the charm of each of them in the next appearance!

Shinji Hayama



General editor, CARNIVAL representative and store group senior managerThank you very much, Mr. Yoshida!


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