salon diary

Heaven's best ❣❣❣

of the world's largest universe group
Store type dating club THE SALON! ! !


Good evening to everyone viewing the SALON blog ❣️ 
Kiritani, please excuse me for today.
I am always indebted to you 🙇‍ ✨ 


Are you always living a happy life?
How are you doing? 😊 


Life as a dad is wonderful, isn't it ~✨ 


Kiritani is in charge of interviewing women every day.

It will be a life lesson ✨ 


For women who come to the salon interview

They have dreams and hopes, and they also have clear goals.

Academic and intelligent.Heaven's best! ! !


There are many things I can learn from women who are hundreds of times younger than me 💡 😍 
Every day I feel happy that I am glad to be alive♪


From Showa to Heisei, and Reiwa, it's already been XNUMX years 💨 
Changing times!
that's right.Isn't Papa Katsu truly on the cutting edge of the times?


It's only been a little over a year since I came to know this world,
It was a world I knew nothing about.


Can you say supply and demand?
Daddy life is going to be done.


Matching is established at SALON
The time to see off men and women as they go out with a smile
I'm honestly very happy.

real!This is the fate ✨
Do you mean like-minded people?
There is also compatibility, isn't it ~.


Creating a salon that makes everyone smile

I would like to continue to do so in the future ✨ 


Thank you for your continued support 🙇‍


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