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Introducing plastic surgery beauties!

Good evening everyone☆彡


Thank you for visiting the Salon Blog.
Today is Kiritani😊.


You came to an interview the other day
Let's talk about a beautiful 21-year-old woman♪


She is classy, ​​and the way she talks is polite,
Small face and good style


I was fascinated by it.


I will ask some questions during the interview.
Do you have plastic surgery or breast augmentation?
To the question, "Yes! "and.


"eh? ?Where? 』


I was surprised at how natural it was.
Well, I guess it's beautiful to begin with.


I'm shaping up blatantly!
I've seen a lot of people who regret that...


If you can be naturally cute like this
It's good~✨


Women in their 20s these days
It seems to put in from the lip color first.
Even if you remove the mask, you don't have to worry about the rouge falling off.
Nice ✨


Than eyebrows and eyeliner permanent makeup
What's your lips?and interest.


It's a world where you wear a mask in corona misfortune.
where women are most concerned.




memo memo 📝💡


Korea still has better plastic surgery technology
I wonder if the quality is high.
It seems that she had a procedure in Korea.


But it's amazing.
Even if I endure pain or surgery
Because we pursue ✨ beauty ✨.


For a beautiful body, pay attention to food
It seems that you are trying to train your body.
I also liked the style.
The legs that came out of the miniskirt were also beautiful legs.


Would you like to meet me? 😊✨



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