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How men play

Always I am indebted.
THESALON Haneda Ayano will deliver (^^)
Everyone, did you listen to the Vlog~? !
SALON's blog doesn't even have a comment section, so I don't know what people thought of it, so I'm lonely.
So, I would be happy if you could tell me that you read it (*^^*)


When I think about it, I suddenly thought.What male members want to know and worry about
"What kind of men are registered?"
"What kind of date are you guys having?"
"How much do you guys pay women?"

I think it's a story that is not well known, and there is not much to know.

I would like to answer as many as I can today.



"What kind of men are registered?"
First of all, an absolute gentleman! ! ! ! !
You don't want to hear that kind of thing, do you?
President in one word!Sole Proprietors, Managers, Doctors, Asset Owners, Investors
I think a lot of people fit in here.
All of the men who are registered are winners.

As a woman, Haneda thinks only of people who are generous and warm-hearted.
To Haneda, who apologized for the cancellation on the day of the woman, "It's not Haneda's fault, so it's okay."
Or, "It's okay, don't worry about it."
That's why!I am absolutely determined to recover.
(For those who occasionally attack me. I also have myself who goes somewhere else in my heart lol.)

Anyway, most of them are gentlemen and gentle (*^^*)


"What kind of date are you guys having?"
This is really different for everyone.
・If you are a very busy man, you will exchange contact information and promise the next date and then dissolve.
・I am looking forward to a four-hour date.
In that case, some people go to karaoke at the second house after eating, go to a bar, or even more.
・Some people enjoy talking while drinking alcohol or eating slowly at the salon.

Everyone, I feel that the style of play is different.


"How much do you guys pay women?"
I get asked this a lot!
I can't write here lol
But it's fun to talk about this (*^^*)

Women will be happy as much as they can receive it, and I think there are things that are decided within themselves.


Men who are considering joining
"What kind of women are there in the salon~?"
I would like to know the most.

1st place: entertainment
2nd place: office worker
3rd place: Student

Only those who are beautiful among them! !

I have summarized what men asked me this time (* ^^ *)
Thank you very much until the end✨


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