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There are so many things I want to talk about.

thank you always.

Even in this day and age,It's Hayama who tends to make phone calls about anything.


For example,When you receive a LINE message from a friend or acquaintance asking for a simple consultation.

While repeating the message rally several times about the content, when the degree of seriousness gradually increased,Ideas and thoughts of my own float bang bang,Isn't there something you can't stop?

And finally, without being able to suppress that feeling, "Can I call you just for a minute? and made a LINE call.Uh, I'm that type of person.


BecauseIt's faster and cleaner to talk than to send each other random sentencesright?


Other,A friend I haven't seen for a long time suddenly popped into my head, and I wondered, "I wonder what he's doing~?"I want to hear what's going on~"ToI will call you out of the blue.

And in most cases, the other party does not answer the first call (laughs).


Immediately after, on LINE,


"What happened? What happened?"

"I was surprised because the phone came suddenly!"

"For now, let me know what you need on LINE~"


message will be sent.

(No no no, if you can get out, get out~)


Nowadays, the phone is just a means of communication in case of emergency, and when you get a call, you get a kick out of it!It seems to be a tool that can be made.

No, it's time


Well, this time, it's not the reason I want to complain like that!

Of course, sentences and messages are also important tools.

what ifEven if it is difficult to express in words, it is easy to convey effectively in sentencesThere are advantages such as


This is ratherGratitude and respect for otherspositive emotions such as affectionIs it time to tell

If I put it into words, I feel that it smells somewhat embarrassing and it smells like a lie.If it is a sentence, it is something that can be conveyed straight and sincerely.


Isn't "love letter" a perfect example of that?

(Although it may be dead now)


On the contrary, words are transmitted more smoothly than sentences,There is also such a case.


such as apologies and warnings, anger and grief,negative emotionsIt's time to tell

The text isThere is a danger that it will be perceived as dry and uninteresting and inorganic.However, just by telling this as an actual word, the impression given to the other person changes 180 degrees.It's strange because it also happens.


Depending on the tone of voice, speed, pauses, etc. contained in words,While being able to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings and firmly following the other party,It is also possible to convey severe contentSo it is.


Well, the introduction has become longer, but...


As introduced by Haneda and Mizushima of marketing,The other day, "Vlog" updated with a new attempt at SALON!


The number of views for the first time was so low that I was disappointed (tears), but personally, I would like to continue.


Would you say it's the back story of SALON,


"Complaints and complaints? Stories of members as seen by staff"

"A painful story that members do not want to hear if possible"

"I want to know, but I can't ask, the dark common sense of the dating club"

"A story about the sad gap between a man's heart and a woman's heart in a salon"


and so on….


It's a bit different from writing, and with Vlogs, the story of the racy content is crisp and bright,I feel like I can tell you something funny.


I don't know what will happen in the future....


And when we appear with voices,I would be happy if you could welcome me warmly!



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