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I want to meet you, but it's all troublesome Arasa puts all of my effort into a dating club

Hello, this is Mizushima!


I'm an around XNUMX person who wants to meet someone who I can fall in love with.


"I'm late, I'm late," without encountering a fateful encounter,

(Stay out of the house)


Hakubano Prince Sama never came to deliver the shoes

(Stay out of the house)


I drop my phone on my face and cut my lip every day.


If you want a date, look for a date

This is a matter of course.


You know, I work from home so I don't leave the house 5 times a week.

On weekends, I often play with my friends at home. (May end with a video call)


For me to find a partner

A matching app would be nice.


Download the app from one end, register your ID,

Create your profile and

It's as easy as pressing like.


But here comes the problem.


"What are you doing on your days off?"

"What is your hobby?"

"Where do you live?"


Are they all templates?I get this question about 9% of the time.


Why do I have to tell strangers who I have never met?

do you really want to know that?You're not interested, I'm not interested either

It would be boring to meet you to ask such a boring question.

I put myself on the shelf and think so.


If I actually met you, I'm sure you'd know it would be fun

The exchanges until we meet are simply mendy.


If you break down this "troublesome",

I've come to the conclusion that 'because I'm not interested'.


Because it becomes more and more withered while exchanging,

Let's meet for the time being?

The type that I don't see

I feel that it is best to meet quickly through an introduction.

(Contact after meeting can be continued if interested.)


So if I'm going to do dad activities, it's not a matching app

Go to a place where you can meet quickly or register.


Well, I'll sign up for the dating club one by one.

This is because the staff will do the most annoying exchanges that I hate the most.


I think that what kind of people you can meet is more important than choosing a store for dad activities,

Mizushima, a Papa Katsu Marketer, thinks that it is better to register as many as possible.


Oh, this is for women, so it's different for men! !


Have a nice weekend


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