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lies drag

Always I am indebted.
THESALON Ayano Haneda will deliver (*^^*)

I received my staff hoodie last week.
"THE SALON" is printed extensively on the back logo.
If you search for "THESALON", the first hit will be Ginza's complete membership-only luxury meeting lounge!
(This is a very happy thing! I wonder if the effect of the blog is ~)
It's a little embarrassing to walk around the neighborhood wearing this hoodie lol
Does it look like a hairdresser if you don't look it up? ?
No, I'll be proud to wear this when I walk around Ginza, so if you see me, please say hello 🌹🌹🌹



These days, I'm working on my blog thinking that I haven't written anything interesting lately.


About 10 years ago, from an uncle who liked Haneda

Uncle: "How many experienced people??"
Haneda: "About 13 people?"

Ten years later, the same uncle asked me again.

Uncle: “Speaking of which, how many experienced people?”
Haneda: "About 8 people?"

(I'm sorry to hear that again.)

Uncle: "Huh? It's gone down from 13 at that time."

(Don't ask me one by one. I don't remember.)
Haneda: "When I was young, I just wanted to make it look bigger, but I don't have that many people who actually have experience."
And tell a lie that doesn't make sense.
(I don't know why you would lie to an uncle who doesn't like you so much.)


I mean, it's all a lie! !
The story that the event that the lie invited is a loop of lies.
The person himself doesn't remember the silly lie, but the other person remembers, it's a scary story.

It doesn't matter if the number of experienced people is 1 or 100!I really want to say

Why do you make yourself look good with stupid lies?
Around this time, I suddenly realized that I had a bruise too.
('D')Ayano Haneda in her 3s is also in the second half of the game...
Zama is steeped in silly lies. .


Why do male members choose young women?
do you like it? ?

Because my heart is honest and there is no calculation.
I don't like trying to look good when I'm over 30.
If so, it's easier to get along if you can talk about anything without hiding it, and don't be strangely bargained for.
It's easy, isn't it ~! !

I know! ! ! ! !
(Exactly Haneda as before)


I don't know what's right, is stupid honesty profitable, or sometimes lying is also kindness,
Rather than showing yourself well, it's better to be an honest and obedient person (*^^*)

Even if someone says, "I have a boyfriend," I think the rate of acceptance as a dad is about 50%.
I often hear about my boyfriend saying that he didn't like it when he found out that there was another man's shadow.

I guess this is where the tactics for both men and women start.


Is a lie enough to take to the grave
Memorize what you find and leave it in your notes!
(What kind of advice is that!!)


There will be an event announcement soon from THESALON
Please wait (*^^*)
Look forward to it~🎉
Have a nice weekend everyone (*^^*)


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