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  • SALON does not require photos, but photos will be taken during the interview.

SALON does not require photos, but photos will be taken during the interview.

Thank you for always watching.
This is kawakami from the salon.



I feel like my shoulders, neck, face, head, everything is stiff.
Recently, I bought a handy head spa equipped with EMS.
The tingling stimulation is so comfortable that it seems to become a habit.

I haven't felt the effect yet as to whether the stiffness has become easier,
In the first place, this stiffness is not something that just started, but a long relationship.
I don't think we'll break up so easily, so I hope we can continue patiently.


I won't use it as manure for the chest of drawers!

I will write another blog if there are any changes.


What was said in an interview recently, and is sometimes said


1. I didn't expect there to be a photo shoot
You may hear this about 10 out of 1 times.
Every time I heard that, I would end it with "That's right, ahaha~", but...
excuse me! !
This was completely a problem with the guidance on this side, wasn't it?


SALON staff (interview staff) and
The staff who take reservations for women are in a completely different department...
So, we SALON staff basically do not see the interaction with the woman at the time of reservation.
On the other hand, there are times when the SALON staff directly accepts,
At that time, it was specified in the text that there was a photo shoot.
For that reason, I thought it was written in the text even when we didn't accept it.


Now when I check...

No! ! ! ! !

I don't think there will be a shoot (sweat)
SALON does not need to post photos!I think it's superfluous because it's written.


sorry.I have.
It's not as solid a shoot as Universe Club, but
And it's pretty important...


I'm asking you to write it down in the text as soon as possible~😭


When you come to the interview, please come dressed in a way that shows off your style!
For beautiful legs, clothes that show the leg line
Tight clothes if you have big breasts or a small waist
etc ...


Clothes that are too bulky or flashy/wacky colors are very disadvantageous, so please be careful!



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