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Good woman, good quality, what is beauty?

thank you always.We have updated the information today.

For the month of December! ! (12/12-1/12)🎉
THESALON's first eventIs done.

The current SALON is here because of our members.
Thank you so much (*^^*)
All the concierges planned to see if we could give back even a little.
The interior is also different from usual. (Leading by Captain Kawakami) I hope you can look forward to it🎄
I hope that everyone will be able to visit.


well today
good woman
Ask me

what? ?I would like to write about

In a recent blog, is there a same-day cancellation at a store like SALON?
Do good girls fly away on their second date?

Such things happened one after another.
This is true.
However, this is a rare and overlapping event,
I want to write a blog because there are many wonderful women who have registered with SALON!


Speaking from a man's point of view, are you speaking clearly at the interview?Isn't it sweet?
I think some people think that.

It's sweet.
Sweet to a beautiful woman🎂
(That's not true...)
But I hired her because she's beautiful.


Yes, we are also responsible! !
Women cannot be the only ones responsible for not keeping their promises.
Did you speak well during the interview?
(Adult TPO)
"From the second date onwards, it's all about free love, but you shouldn't block or jump on it."
"Please be sure to keep the promised time of SALON. If you cancel on the day, you will be forced to withdraw immediately."

From now on, I will continue to be strict and strict in interviews and tell you like a demon! !



◆ Mr. H who visited the store the other day
She took the trouble to write a handwritten letter and thank you for introducing me to the man at the salon, and brought me a souvenir.
I was moved by receiving such a letter that spelled out the woman's feelings and character.
With that setting, I went to the beauty salon in the morning and had it set with a smile.
The voice of the man I introduced was "You're the cutest and best-natured girl ever."


◆ A woman who responds quickly and has a low profile
I think there are a lot of women who fall into this category too.
"Thank you for speaking with us."
"If there is anything I should be careful about, or if you have any advice, please let me know."
The preparation, gratitude, and everything up to the setting are transmitted.
She's also a human being, so she's a woman who makes me want to invite this kind of woman to the next setting.


A woman with a spirit of hospitality, what to do to make the other person happy, and a way of speaking that doesn't make them feel bad
SALON would like to continue to support women who are oozing with charm and affection.
We cannot employ women, but I am glad that women registered with SALON.
I will try my best to be just one page of your life.


Women who are currently registered, those who are wondering whether to apply for an interview at SALON
I will try my best to help you with anything.
I would like to evolve with the aim of becoming THESALON where women can shine more.


- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Concierge Ayano Haneda


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