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100% the concierge's responsibility.

thank you always.

After all, I'm Hayama, who loves miso ramen.


I love ramen in general."Miso Ramen" in townWhen you see an orange flag that saysI can't help but dance.

On days when your body is cold to the core,It goes without saying that the miso ramen you eat at the restaurant is delicious.


"Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen" to eat at home


No matter what I sayAfter all, isn't this the strongest miso ramen?There is myself who thinks.

(No, there must be a lot of ardent fans!)


Eggs, bean sprouts, and if you're feeling well, add some corn.

Hmmm, I'm craving for it!


So the cold winter has arrived,About 2022 years left,It's been over a month.

(really too early...)

As mentioned in Haneda's blog the other day, in December,THE SALON's first"Christmas Event"will also be held.

In order to produce many hot encounters like Christmas,The concierge is also working hard,We would love to welcome you!


Speaking of encounters.


Especially at SALON,As the number of matches increases,The number of mismatches increases proportionally.


This is the undeniably sad reality.

If there is an encounter that will be a happy "couple formation!"Unfortunately, some encounters only last once.


No wonder.

In SALON, including the face photo,Without knowing each other's prior information,I'm having a face-to-face meeting.

After thinking about it,Are there any other dating clubs that have such reckless matching (smile)?


However!That's why!

While firmly protecting the important privacy of male and female members,We are able to continue safe and secure operations.


However, if it fails,Especially women get depressed.

So, once again, I would like to say aloud to all female members,


"What is a mismatching mistake?It's our concierge's fault, and there's nothing wrong with you!! "


At the timing when I told you that it was a failure,I get asked these things.

"What am I doing wrong?"


That's what I think, and I'll actually answer it this way.


"There's not even one millimeter that's bad."

"〇〇I couldn't introduce you to a man who could feel your charmis the responsibility of

“Mr. 〇〇, please stay as you are.”


Up until now, without even looking at it from multiple men,A woman who was losing her confidence,A case where I was enthusiastically liked by a certain man and became happyI've seen a lot of


Even if it's just one person, if you meet a wonderful person with whom you feel the same way from the bottom of your heart,Isn't that good (heat)!


In the first place, the “ideal female image” held by men varies widely.

In addition to that, delusions also come into play, so to put it bluntly, it's a selfish request that is unreasonable (laughs).

I'm already putting my things on the shelf,The looks and personality of the woman you like,I will make requests as much as I like.


Well, after all, men are like that!


Some find their preferred strike zone too narrow and too narrow,"Don't go out without saying goodbye! "and,I want to tsukkomi unintentionallyThere are also male members (laughs).


And, if it continues like this, the whispering will not stop, soIt will be over soon, but...


so to speak,All the female members who were hired by SALON said,fresh foods".

While making use of the "natural taste of the material" that they have,For male members who are gourmet visitors,Cooking and serving as delicious as possibleThe role of our concierge who is a chef.


And, at first, I thought it was a transcendent gourmet visitor,


"Say something,I realized that I like Sapporo Ichiban the best."

Phenomena such asI think it's an interesting place for matching.


In any case, I am also learning every day, and this December, SAWe are looking forward to seeing you at LON!



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Concierge Shinji Hayama


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