salon diary

The tension is moderate

Thank you for always watching.
This is kawakami from the salon.


The Christmas event was announced (*^^*)!
I was the first to do the interior planning, so my name came out completely,
Isn't this impossible?I was about to give up, but I would like to do my best 😂

I would be happy if the members who came during the period thought, "You did your best as an amateur" 🥺
(I wonder if I can reach that level lol)


As it is, the interior is a bonus, so it doesn't matter
Everyone, please enjoy the Christmas event♡


Last time,
"What I've been told in interviews recently, and what I've been told sometimes"
I wrote a blog on the subject.
I think that [1.] was written there.


If that's the case, this time it's [2.], so I'll continue from the last time.



2. I was nervous🥺

We staff are already used to it because it is a daily routine,
After all, talking to people you meet for the first time,
Even more so, when it comes to an interview, you get nervous.


I'm glad that you came with such a serious feeling...!
I hope that mindset will not change from now on!


But, it's not formal like a job interview or an exam interview.
Please relax and take it😌
home?I can't relax like that lol


It would be a waste if you were so nervous that you erased your own goodness ♪
I wonder if I'm going to be so stiff even in front of men?That's what I thought.


Even so, those who come to the salon interview
There are many percentages that will contact you politely from the time of reservation.
Kawakami was happy to meet many wonderful women (*^^*)


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