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  • June 3, 2019
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East Customer Loyalty Group
I'm Itsuki in charge of THE SALON.

The muffler I pulled out of the closet
They brought the scent of autumn with them.

Each person has an item that feels autumn.


Such a Itsuki muffler,
It may not be only autumn that brought us.

"I'm not interested, but what did you bring with Aki?"
Thank you for your question.

that isNumber of female interviews.
*I'm sorry for the departments that are recruiting...

Thankfully, the number of interviews with women has increased significantly recently.
It's a luxurious scream that I want to borrow a cat's hand too.

and recently
There is one more thing that makes me think, "Wow???".

For some reason, the level of women who come to interviews is getting higher.

I thought it was only Itsuki, but

Shimabara the other day
“Recently your level is getting higher, isn’t it!?”
I was saying that, so it's probably not because of my mind.

However, the employment rate is still low.
is steadily growing, so

“Let me introduce you to another person!”
If you are contacted by a staff member with

"I should have asked to introduce one person this month..."
Please consider it without saying.

For men who want the first setting
It looks like it's going to be a lovely autumn.

Thank you for your continued support of THE SALON.

East Customer Loyalty Group
THE SALON Jun Itsuki


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