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our jingle bells? !

Dear blog readers

Always I am indebted.
This is SALON Nishino!


It's early, and it's already December. .
Until recently, I thought it was still warm,
It's December and it's suddenly cold (laughs)

I pulled out my coat too!


As announced, SALON is holding a Christmas event!

It seems that the electric product of the special prize was won immediately.

We have gorgeous prizes available, so please come and visit us if you are a member ✨
I would be happy if men and women who haven't joined yet would take this opportunity to register (^-^)

(Especially for men who haven't joined yet, the annual membership fee will be raised in January next year, so it may be a good timing!?)


Well, speaking of Christmas, is it a Christmas song? !but,

Recently, I and the staff member Hayama asked, "Come to think of it, Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi has a Christmas song, doesn't he?"
And we had a good conversation,

Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi Christmas Song 

And when I search on Google,

[Our jingle bells], it doesn't really suit Christmas
There was a song that seemed to be Han, and the two of us blew it (laughs)
(I don't care..)

excuse me!Due to the lack of material, it has become a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of
Thank you for your continued support in December! !


- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Yusuke Nishino


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