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I am always indebted to you ✨
THE SALON Ayano Haneda will deliver 🎄

We prepared for the Christmas event that started on December 12st, with a total of 1 lotteries.
(It will end as soon as it is gone.)
There are several members who have been assigned special prizes from the first day.
I am impressed that "I have it"! 😌 lol
The lottery we have prepared this time, a total of 300 million yen
There is no so-called loss. 🎉
We have prepared a gift that will make women happy.

As of today, the first prize has not yet been awarded.



And from the entrance, we are welcoming you in Christmas mode ✨✨

We are looking forward to your visit 🙇‍♂️✨💕


Do you have any memories of Christmas🎄? ?
When I was in high school, I went to Disneyland with my boyfriend and he got sick on the way.
Didn't get any Christmas presents or anything, got in a bad mood, came home and broke up?
(I have a bad personality..)

And there are many other things, but the talk is going to be long, so
What is today's topic? ?


[How men play part 2]
Part 1 isClick here for the guidelines.Please read from

I would like to write about how to coordinate with women at SALON.


Case 1. Busy and hard to find time
Please let me know the date and time that is convenient for you.
The concierge will select and adjust your favorite woman on that date and time.


Case 2. I want to meet such a woman with pinpoint
Here, we will pick up a woman who meets your request,
femaleI'll check some schedules, so please make adjustments from there.


Case 3. Those who don't have time, don't want to waste time, and don't want to compromise on anything
After an interview, we may refuse your admission.

If there is a woman at the SALON who meets your preferences,
I can't introduce many people, but I will make a proposal and meet you.
Alternatively, you can connect online.
Sometimes we recommend Universe Club, which has a large number of female members.


And speaking of how to play...


I want to meet Haruna Kawaguchi!
Let me meet Keiko Kitagawa!
It's okay to be someone who looks like you!
Even if you ask for the person in question, the difficulty is too high,
If you tell me about your favorite adult actresses, you'll find a different side to what you've heard.
This is true, so please let me know.


Also, sometimes as one of the ways to play, I think it would be good to meet you with an introduction along the theme.
This month is,Occupation attack (entertainment-related ties, special occupation ties, etc.)
next monthAttack on style (big breasts, tall, etc.)
The taste of your face is also important, but when you meet, the feeling will match."Something good"And a new favorite door may open.


I don't think there is anything in life that never happens.
And it's a waste to decide too much.


Since joining the salon, we will propose and consult so that you can enjoy various forms.
We will do our best to ensure that your year is not wasted.


We have less than a month left this year, but please take care of yourself.
We look forward to meeting many of our members this year.



- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Concierge Ayano Haneda


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