salon diary

So that SALON can become Santa

Thank you for always watching.
This is kawakami from the salon.


December has finally arrived, and the Christmas event has begun (*^^*)!
The lottery has started, and everyone is taking home some pretty good stuff 🎁
I don't think any of the awards have disappeared yet.
If you are planning to come to the store, please come and enjoy the lottery.


The room on the right has also changed to Christmas specifications, and the atmosphere is a little different than usual ♪
(Thank you to all the members who mentioned it ♡)
The staff was also inspired by the atmosphere of the room, which was different from before,
I feel like I am able to greet and guide everyone with a fresh feeling (*^^*)


December is also in the middle of the day, and there are 12 days left this year!
We hope that SALON will be a part of your happy memories in 2022.
All the staff will do their best!
Last-minute visits are also welcome ♡



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Sana Kawakami


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