salon diary

last chance. . ?

Dear blog readers

Always I am indebted.
This is Yusuke Nishino from SALON!


Recently, the city has been colored, and it has suddenly become a Christmas mode (^-^)
How are you all doing? !

I would be happy if you had a wonderful time✨

Well, after a long time, I will show you the recent recommended music (lol)

It's Mary J. Blige's real love
Please listen to it♪


Last chance for the title. . ?I was allowed to write,
As previously announced, from January 1th next year, including SALON
Enrollment fees, setting fees, etc. have been raised for the entire Universe Group.


From a man who is considering a salon, it might be a slight difference?I don't know, but
Why don't you experience the salon even before the price increase? !


We are waiting for your inquiry anytime (^-^)
Thank you for your cooperation!



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Yusuke Nishino


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