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I tried to punch a cat in an H cup

Always I am indebted.
East Customer Loyalty Group
I am Ayano Haneda from THE SALON.


The city is completely in the Christmas mood.
Winter is full of fun events in winter.
These days, I feel the happiest when I sit under the kotatsu and eat ice cream.


This morning, the moment I took off my coat on the escalator from the station because it was hot...

The moment I pulled my hand out of my coat sleeve without even thinking that there was someone behind me.

punch something soft



When you look behind you, isn't there a beautiful woman with big breasts more than the assumed H cup standing?

"I'm sorry m(__)m"

"I'm totally fine" Nikori (*^_^*)


(Completely punched the boobs)
(Too big!!!!!)
(I wonder if this person can see his feet)
(I wonder where such breasts come from in a normal body)
(Assumed, H cup or more)
(I want to hire at SALON!!!)



I was made to delusion variously in an instant.
Thank you for the meal from the morning.



THE SALON Haneda Ayano


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