salon diary

Are you ready for Merikuri?

thank you always.

This is Hayama, who likes “genuine cafes” more than “cafes”.


December is busy with setting up every day.

(I feel like I'm busy all year round!)


suddenly,"Today's break time, I want to drink coffee in a quiet shop~"I thoughtI asked Haneda, who is familiar with Ginza.

“Is there a nice pure cafe around here?”


Then you taught me.

A good old-fashioned, near SALONA pure cafe with a Showa retro atmosphere.


In the store where bossa nova flows slowly,Order a fragrant blended coffee and a classic pizza toast,I enjoyed the momentary "one-person time".

In the evening, my wife sent me a message on LINE.

"I was able to make a Kentucky reservation safely!"


Well, it's almost Christmas.


At SALON, the interior is completely changed, and a big tree is also displayed,"I'm doing a lottery at the Christmas event!"I'm so excited, but...

In private, it's totally "Christmas mood"I noticed myself not switching to .


Looking back, when I was in my teens and twenties, Christmas meant "It was a big event.”

Especially for young people, it can be said that it is "the culmination of one year"."Will you be able to spend Christmas with your lover that year? ” isA super important theme that should be called a propositionIt was!

(It's no big deal)


much lessFor a man, "Christmas without her"In other words, it meant death (laughs).


"Anyway, I'll make her by Christmas!"There were reckless plans and scrambles.

Even if it doesn't bear fruit as a result, even if it succeeds brilliantly,They gather with male friends and have fun,I try to show off to my parents and go out all night.

A series of such "wacha wacha feeling" is also included,Was it the Christmas mood for me at the time?and,I feel nostalgic even now.


Of course, not only lovers, but also family, pets, friends, etc.The joy of spending Christmas with loved ones at that time, I want to taste it without forgetting no matter how old I amIt's a thing.


And sometimes, Christmas with your precious "lover"!

(Isn't it a salon-like closing?)


Once in a while, it's nice to immerse yourself in a "lonely time" at a pure cafe.


This December, the ban on loneliness!

To all the men and women members of SALON, please feel like Christmas.I would like you to remove the saddle (laughs).


Anyway, I look forward to seeing you again at the SALON later this year.We are waiting for you!



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