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Introduction of [beautiful leg woman]♡

Hello everyone who is viewing the SALON blog!
Today, I'm Kiritani.


This is the last blog for this year.
Anyway, this year went by fast 💨


All the staff of the UNIVERSE group!
All members, male and female!


Thank you very much for your hard work this year 🙇✨


Let me tell you the story of a 21-year-old woman.
I had an interview the other dayuse.


Outstanding looks ✨
The legs are long and thin.
There is no useless fat and it is slender.


She looks like Namie Amuro.


Cute face and way of talking
It is often said that he looks like Tsubasa Honda.


Charming and charming!


Bust is also E cup!
It's become such a perfect style! ! !


And your birthday is Christmas Eve
Princess? ? ?


Come to think of it, Christmas Eve the other day🎄
It was your birthday✨


22 years old!congratulations☆彡


Do you have Christmas and birthday presents together?
You want to ask.


Christmas and birthday presents from parents
I think I got two separately.


It's nice ✨


When you grow up, you'll have to date someone who will give you presents separately✨
It seems that my mother kept telling me that (*´艸`)✨


I felt that I was raised with care.


Perhaps because of the love of her parents, she is a wonderful woman who never ceases to smile.
By all means, I would like to introduce you to the wonderful men of SALON!


See you next year♪
Please have a good year.




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