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Encounters that can only be experienced at SALON

It's 2023 (*^^*)🎉
Thank you to all the members who participated in the Christmas event 🎅!
Thanks to all of you, it was a great success🥂


happy new year 🎍
thank you for your kindness last year.
Thank you for your continued support this year ✨


Ladies and gentlemen, did you have a slow new year? ?
Haneda lived a life of eating too much, drinking too much, and moving too little.
From todayTighten your mind, flatten your stomach, and straighten your back.I am writing a blog.

Let's start the first blog of the new year! !



This is what happened the other day.I would like to talk about the man Haneda is in charge of.


The moment you open the door,
"No~ (smiling) It was my favorite in this activity in the last 5.6 years"
As I wrote the other day, he was a man with very narrow tastes,
The members also worked hard to tell Haneda about their favorite women in writing,
If you like this kind of girl and send me a picture,
Instead of organizing it in your head, write it side by side on a list sheet so that it is closer to the member's head,
I reminded all the concierges at SALON that if a woman like this came to me, I would hire her.
It was a setting that connected with a fine play.

It was a great success 👏
I was very happy😊😊😊


Kiritani and Kawakami both had many interviews, Hayama and Nishino had many settings,
Haneda, which is a little far from the site, currently has a limited number of men in charge, but that's why I consult with everyone, listen to them, and learn from them.
Everyone's opinions are really helpful, not just my own thoughts and beliefs.

I really like field work! !
(Huh? Didn't you like making shifts? Lol)
I love talking and listening to people.
It is a treasure trove of learning.


SALON Concierge will continue to shine,
We will do our best to support as many members as possible.
In 2023, I would like to pursue evolution and move flexibly without getting stuck in a rut.


Is Haneda's mother a fortune teller?She is so famous in her hometown, but I usually don't dare to ask her mother about my fortune.
Somehow this year, I was able to see palm reading and fortune.
Haneda basically believes only in good things.

"This year may not go as well as last year (omission)"
(Certainly, everything went smoothly last year, huh? 💦💦)
"Don't take things for granted, don't be obtrusive, don't forget to be grateful and stay humble, and you'll be fine."
They said.


Yes Yes.I ordered the liver.
Don't forget to thank the members, the concierge who works with you, the company, and the people around you this year as well.
And above all, I will do my best to work in good health (*^^*)



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