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  • June 2019, 11
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ideal and reality are different

ideal and reality are different

Thank you very much for always watching.

East Customer Loyalty Group
I am Shimabara, in charge of THE SALON.


I am creating a blog once a week.
I don't have a story anyway...

Confused, I consulted the gentle Itsuki.
"Just give me a theme!!!"
I asked.

Here is the theme you gave me.

[Is it okay for now? ]

I'm sorry for the situation you're in
What do you mean, Itsuki? ?have become.

Despite being a junior who thinks such terrible things
Haneda and Itsuki are always kind and helpful.
Thank you very much.


Shimabara often derails the conversation, but
Everyone, please be kind to the end
Please take a look at my blog (Dogeza)

Well, I have to think about this theme
With no head I desperately thought.


Articles I wrote in my last blog
I remembered the incident of "I'm in love".

There was a man who invited me to eat in Shimabara.
Let's call that person H.

Since we met on the app, we managed to exchange LINE.

Here is the conversation on LINE ↓

Ms. H: “Would you like to go to dinner today?”

Shimabara: I'm sorry, I have to work late today...

Mr. H: “Well then, when can we go? Tomorrow?”

Mr. H "I'll match, so tell me what's convenient!"

Mr. H, who always writes such a line.

I wondered if I could do another LINE a little more.

Why is this person inviting me?

just want to do it?

That's all I can come up with.
Is it a gay idea?
No, I'm Shimabara.

If only LINE like this came
I'm sure anyone would be suspicious...

But the scary thing about this Mr. H is

I have already rescheduled 4 times...

Mr. H's toughness?Respect to you.

If I were a woman enrolled in a salon
From staff to men
You hate me (lol)
I won't be called to the setting again (laughs)

Because Mr. H is not a boyfriend.
When the setting comes in When the interview comes in suddenly
It gives priority to work! ! !

(Private life is no good Shimabara.)


East Customer Loyalty Group
THE SALON Koharu Shimabara


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