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  • In 2023, SALON will mass-produce the best matching!

In 2023, SALON will mass-produce the best matching!

thank you always.

In 2023, this is hayama for the first blog post.


Happy New Year to all!

Thank you for your continued support of THE SALON this year!


Personally, I don't particularly go out,It was a very normal new year's holiday.

Speaking of the only irregularity, the afternoon of New Year's Eve,I entered the studio on a whim,It's been a long time since I played drumsI wonder!

(What a plain New Year's Eve...)


Actually, entering the studio, touching the drums,About a year ago.

In my mind, there was no feeling that there was such a period of time.....


"By that time, one year isIt will pass quickly.”

And the speed of time that accelerates with each passing year,I felt sick again.

"The plan for the year is on New Year's Day"

As it is said, at each milestone, "I want to be like this"The habit of clarifying your own dreams and goals, such asI think it's very important.

It is only when you can visualize your dreams and goals that you can feel a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment every day.And it will lead to a sense of happiness when viewed over a long span.


On New Year's Day, I also dream of 2023I wrote a lot of goals on paper!


Thanks to you, my work at SALON is now fun and enjoyable.We are sending you a fulfilling day.

(Really, I always forget about work.)


And in private, since last year "going to the gym"Perhaps because of the addition of the new custom ofI tend to skip going to the studio (laughs).


Also, always be able to teach someone how to play the drums.

This year, going to the studio has become a habit again,I would like to improve my skills!


Oh, I just remembered one more thing that I was completely slacking on.


Beard hair removal (sweat).


There are so many things to do, but...

In 2023, we will continue to devote ourselves to providing many encounters to everyone at SALON!



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