salon diary

Beauty festival! ! !

Happy New Year.
We look forward to working with you this year as well.


This year, the salon's fortunes may rise ~✨


Because the woman Kiritani interviewed for the first time this year was hired~(^^♪


I think I talked about it before, but the adoption rate of salons is about 10%.


縺 縺 吶'窶 ヲ


New year, the first woman is adopted! ! ! 👏✨


She was such a wonderful woman that I thought she would hire me the moment I met her.
Outstanding style, bright, cheerful and beautiful.


And on the second day, another recruit came out! ! !


The type is different from the previous day, but it is a cute system.

Even during the conversation, it was so cute that it made me shudder.


This week also, two people have been hired after the consecutive holidays ♡


Huh? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Amazing ♡♡♡


So far, we are hiring one person a day~♬
I'm happy (*´艸`)♪


Is this a miracle or an illusion?


I don't think so.


The name recognition of SALON may have increased rapidly✨


If you want to challenge the SALON audition, please come!
We look forward to your application.


Male members are also flooded with inquiries.
If it is difficult to reach you by phone,
Sorry to trouble you
I would appreciate it if you could call me back 🙇✨
We are looking forward to hearing from you.


2023!I would like to liven up the salon even more (^O^)/
Thank you for your continued support.



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