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A story that sympathized with the concierge

Hello, this is Mizushima in charge of marketing!

Shoot, edit and upload to YouTube...

While doing LP production, banner creation, etc. for posting new advertisements in normal business,

Editing while studying PremiumPro was a mess!


But I think it was Haneda-san and Hayama-san who had more trouble.

"I'll upload it in about two weeks!"

Believing in my words, I will keep you waiting for almost 3 months with an uneasy feeling of when it will be uploaded.

i did the worst


I'm so sorry! ! !


Well, leave that behind

Interview questions frequently asked by womenIn the project where Mr. Haneda and Mr. Hayama answer to

The story about the male members enjoying themselves at THE SALON really touched my heart, so I'm sharing it with you↓



Have fun first

this can be said for anything

It's something I tend to forget more and more as I grow older

You can enjoy excitement in an extraordinary way

adult theme park

I thought it was especially important at THE SALON.


Have a nice weekend everyone~


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