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hostess and host

Always I am indebted.
Presented by Ayano Haneda of THESALON.
Right after I refreshed myself during the year-end and New Year holidays, I got sick for the first time in years.
Even though health is important...
That's why I had the second winter break in the new year.
(Dear SALON friends~ We apologize for the inconvenience.(>_<))


Browsing TikTok, which Haneda has become addicted to in the futon, is addictive itself.
Various videos are coming out one after another, and I feel like I'm keeping up with the latest
(I think I can dance one song)


The hostesses who are very popular in Kansai are so cute and the women around them are so cute that I have become a fan.
Isn't it great to earn XNUMX million in a day?
Along with that, Kabukicho's No. 1 hostess is also cute!
The common point of women who earn money is that they are very strong!I watched it until I no longer knew who I
A woman who can earn money as a hostess is the result of her efforts (#^.^#)


From the opening to the present, SALON membership conditions are NG for women who are active in the entertainment industry.

But I thought that was a prejudice, or something else.
(I really want to revise it!!!)

It doesn't change that one person is working hard, but rather a wonderful woman! !
People who can produce themselves are cool and attractive, aren't they?
And since it's a job that can be seen, I keep it clean and spare no effort on myself.

With models and celebrities!


In past interviews, the occupation that I wanted you to avoid was a child who works at night.
The reason is that it looks like it will cost money, it looks like it will wear out, and it looks like someone other than me will do something about it.

Of course, the feelings of men are the top priority, so we will not set women who fall under NG.
But some people don't mind.

Wouldn't you like to meet the legendary hostess if she was in the salon? ?

(Haneda just wants to see you!!! lol)



And then the upcoming Tiktok host series
They're stretching their bodies too~, but the oleore host is a pass!
"Hey, you~" "Huh? How much can you spend today?" "If you can't spend money, go home~"
It's frustrating~ It's so frustrating that I feel like my fever is going up!
Haneda is too absorbed.
Men should definitely be kind and considerate (*ノωノ)


I'm working from today after spending the winter break.
I think I can still write about hostesses and hosts. .This time, I would like to hear from members about their actual experiences (#^.^#)
I have experience contributing to the hostesses, and I have contributed to the host.


and the long-awaitedVlog is up!

A masterpiece of three months editing! !Thank you Mizushima-san!
By all means, I would like you to ask women who are worried about interviews (#^.^#)

It's the second half of January, and a cold wave is coming from tomorrow, but everyone, please take care of your body!



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