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To capture the hearts of women in their 20s!

thank you always.

I'm Hayama, who loves salons and loves chatting.


the other day tooI had the opportunity to meet with a male member.

When I asked about the recent situation, the woman I introduced at SALON about a year and a half ago.You and I are still in a relationship to this day.

The person said it was smooth, but...


Being in a relationship for a year and a half is a very rare and amazing thing!


This man has previously“I have a long and happy relationship with a woman in her 20s.The secret toI have asked you about.

This is what the man said.


● If the only option for each date is “meal or hotel”,It doesn't last more than three months.

Share hobbies and spend more time together (other than meals and hotels)It's a virtuous circle where the more you get, the more fun the sex will be as a result.

●In the long run, rather than direct financial support,women's future assets andBe conscious of support that will lead to assets (qualifications and valuableexperience, etc.).


I see, this man isGolf, overseas travel, motorbikes, mahjong,ダンスAnd so on, I enjoy spending time with women on a daily basis.


"A little bit, I'm drawing a line with the general public dad activities,"I am always impressed.

No, it's no longer a dad activity, I don't feel the age difference so much,No matter how you look at it, they're a normal lovey-dovey couple (laughs).

And when a man's birthday is celebrated by a woman who surprises him so much, it makes him very happy!

(Ah, enviable)


Now,Ladies and gentlemen, apart from golf and overseas travel, women in their 20sCan I enjoy biking, mahjong, and dancing with you?

Free time"From the bottom of my heart with a bursting smile"you know!


In fact, I think it's quite difficult for many men.

But if I turn my back,Men who can naturally play like that,As a result,You can monopolize the love from women as you wantIsn't it?


The royal road of dad activity is <<"simple relationship"The two, who should have started withIn the process of changing into, you can fully enjoy the deepening affection!


As I see and hear various things through SALON, I feel that way these days.



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