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Which do you prefer, Japanese sweets or Western sweets?

Thank you for always watching.
This is kawakami from the salon.



It's cold!
Areas where heavy snow fell, people who needed to travel by Shinkansen or airplane, etc.
Some people may have had a hard time😣


Cold weather makes it easier to catch a cold,
I would like to pay more attention to temperature and humidity.

From this year, the sweets served during the setting will change weekly🍭
In charge of course!This is wa kawakami, who is crazy about sweets.
I'm excited because I can now serve items that I couldn't prepare until now due to expiration dates.


It's been 3 weeks since I changed the sweets.
From a woman the other day
“The sweets I received during the setting were delicious, so could you tell me the name of the shop again?”
I got a call!


Kawakami also thought it was delicious, so I was very happy to have someone who sympathized with me.
I thought that the honesty of listening like that was really wonderful♡! (choro)


Currently, we only serve cookie-based main dishes,
I hope to be able to offer softer products in the future.

Oh, but
I don't want you to force yourself to eat it, so please feel free to say it when you don't need it!


May your time in the salon be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible 💖
From my perspective of sweets.



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