salon diary

happy valentine 💖

Thank you for always watching.
This is kawakami from the salon.


This time of year, I line up somewhere every week.
Why you ask?
Those of you who know me may know.
What are you hiding, yes!Because it's Valentine's Day! !
I'm Kawakami, who has been caught up in the Valentine's Day business and has been appearing at various events.


So everyone,
Happy Valentine's Day〜💝


Do you give or receive chocolate? ?
Kawakami still buys for himself 😊✨
It doesn't matter how much chocolate you have.


The sweets that are out at the salon are also chocolate this week.
Please enjoy the chocolate that came all the way from France, the country of love ♡


I've been calling you chocolate chocolate,
There should be a lot of people who present other things instead of chocolate.
Did the viewers give or receive anything?
I got this!I gave it to you!Boasting / We are waiting for your report 😊


I don't have that kind of partner yet~
If you are interested, please take advantage of the salon 🫰🏻
I'm sure there will be wonderful encounters!Should be! !



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