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Beautiful skin hides seven flaws

Thank you for always watching.
This is kawakami from the salon.


It's still cold, isn't it?
Pollen seems to be flying already, and I want the temperature to be more like spring.


Well, I'm going to talk about the woman who came to the store the other day.


This is the woman who rushed to come after work, saying it was impossible.
As soon as you visit us
"I'm going to finish it soon, so can I do my makeup? 💦"
And that.

Since we had some time to start,
of course!Please take your time to fix your makeup 😊, I went to the waiting room.


(There didn't seem to be any makeup problems that could be fixed, though?)
While I was preparing at the front desk,
Of the staff who served drinks while waiting
“Aren’t you wearing makeup!?”
You can hear a surprised voice!


I immediately said, "Eh! You didn't wear makeup!?!?"
I ran over to the crowd.
"Make up" is not "remake"
I was stunned that I really had to apply makeup from scratch.


In front of the staff who raise their voice, "I will finish it soon 💦"
To women who feel sorry for making people think they are criticizing their lack of makeup
"No, your skin is so beautiful that it's hard to believe you're not wearing makeup!"
It was a staff who gave a sincere voice of admiration.


It was already really really shiny skin without cloudiness.
All the staff said that my skin was beautiful during the interview,
We also talked about how if the skin is beautiful, the feeling of cleanliness is different.
This person is probably the owner of SALON's beautiful skin.

After all, I think that skin is largely dependent on genes,
The food that this person is not good at is "Aburakkoi". . .
Ordinary people may catch up with geniuses if they work hard,
Kawakami sighed, saying, "When a genius tries hard, an ordinary person can't do anything about it."



For both men and women, having beautiful skin is one step ahead.
I can't say anything arrogant because I weigh various things and always lose to the greed I have right now...
But let's do our best...!



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