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SALON's Regret, Never Standing First ~A Request from Hayama~

thank you always.

"Regret what you did" rather than "Regret what you didn't do"This is hayama who wants to choose.


"If you miss this moment right now,I feel like I'll never get another chance! ”


To the extent that I have such an intuition,When you encounter an encounter with a wonderful opposite sex.


Without hesitation, and relatively early on,It is a type that sets up a straight approach.

Well, to put it simply, in a good way, it's "good to be bold", in a bad way, it's "I guess it will be called "unplanned" (laughs)


Of course, failing or embarrassed,Becoming a solo sumo wrestler or being different from the ideal,In the case of some kind of pain,The percentage is much higher...


However, in trying to avoid such risks,If you don't make a decision to take a step according to your intuition...?


1/100, 1/1000, no, 1/10000 miraculous encounterAt the same time, the possibility of generating heat will also be zero (heat)! !

So, this time again,For SALON male members "Raise your voice and make a wishI think.


"Please visit SALON more and more!"


そ し て,


"Please make more, more, more matches!"


Even if it's impertinent, if you ask me...


Everyone still has a long way to go to make full use of the SALONIs not!


If you compare it to baseball, most members are "regular batting"hasn't even reachedHm.

(Here comes the Ossan's specialty, "The habit of comparing everything to baseball.")


Maybe everyone is paying attention to the concierge and saving their feelings so as not to visit too often?etc.,It's about to worry too much.


I say again,Without doing the minimum number of at-bats, there is no batting average.


So I think it's really nonsense to give up too early to decide that "I didn't have a good encounter."


After much effort,Since you are paying an unprecedented annual membership fee,Make full use of Don Don SALON and the concierge in charge,Anyway, "batter's box of encounter"I want you to stand upIt is!


Then, for 20 minutes of feeling time,If you like the other woman even a little,I would like to actively establish it steadily.


Face, style, personality, dating stance...


How much is a beautiful woman who perfectly matches her ideals from start to finish?Even if it is a salon, I can not meet so often (lol)


Please visit us with a full understanding of this point.some salonsAfter all, men are 100% satisfied without refusing women even once,This is a "playful role model"And I myself am also learning.


Occasionally, after worrying about matching for nearly 10 minutes,After all, there are men who choose to fail.


In another case, although he chose to fail once,After all, it would have been better if it had been established …”I will regret it for a long time to come,Men like this.


"Shut up man, complete!"


If you yell that out loud, you'll get scolded by the men at the salon.Sukane (laughs)?


Jokes aside...


After all,SaloAnyway, the trick to enjoying N for a long time is "number of settings =We will do our best to maximize the number of “encounter scenes”.

Because if you don't meet, fate won't start.


"A few hits will hit"


つ ま り


"You can't hit if you don't hit a few"


Actually, this is exactly what I have been doing as a concierge at SALON for the past two and a half years.It may be the conclusion of matching after serving as.




This March alsoWe look forward to seeing many of you there!



- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Concierge Shinji Hayama


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