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Is it possible to have a re-interview after being rejected?

Thank you for always watching.
This is kawakami from the salon.


The temperature has been quite spring-like 🌸
And the pollen is flying too 🌲
People with hay fever are really having a hard time...
The medicine that worked until now doesn't work this year!I can hear a voice.
From today, whether to wear a mask indoors or outdoors will be left to the discretion of the individual.
It doesn't matter!Isn't it...



Well, this time about the female re-interview.


Q. "I was rejected once, but is it possible to be interviewed again?"
Conclusion: it's possible!
(It may not be possible if there are some special reasons, such as being forced to withdraw from the Universe Club.)


Q. "How many times can I have a re-interview?"
Conclusion: Although it is not decided, it seems that 3 times is the limit.


Q. "Is it possible to pass a re-interview?"
Conclusion: there is!
To be honest, I can't say it's very likely.But not without.


Q. "How can I pass the re-interview?"
Conclusion: lose weight, become cute, clean hair, shorten nails



As a result of various considerations including the profile, we will decide whether to pass or not,
It's the looks that have the most weight.
The reason is that many of the men at the salon put "whether you like your looks" first.
Because I decide if I want to go on a date with the woman in front of me...


By the way, what I like about dating clubs is that she has a natural, beautiful and cute face.
Talking about makeup
Color contact lenses with a large colored diameter or a clear edge,
Glittering highlights on matte skin,
Tears Bag Dawn! , framed eye makeup, etc…
is not a good impression.


There is no problem with flashy nails, but when it comes to length...
Unless your face is beautiful or your style is big and thin, it will not be accepted.


After all, it is important to lose weight.
I was looking at the spec values ​​of women registered in the salon,
There were many people around 115 specs.
If you lose weight, your eyes will be sharper and your nose will be sharper, so it will affect your face.
It is said that dieting is the best plastic surgery.



I think it takes a certain amount of time to polish myself,
Due to the member change of SALON men, the trends of women who want them also change.
Thinking about my changes and the changes in the salon
I think it would be good to have a re-interview about half a year after the previous interview.




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