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What are you doing after the establishment of SALON? ?

I am always indebted to you ☺
Delivered by Ayano Haneda✨

Did you see the information that was released yesterday?
Click here
The event that was very popular in December, the Easter event will be held this time.
The first prize is a Hawaii pair travel ticket 👏
Isn't it the best🌴


The other day, as I wrote in Nishino's blog, I was holding a thoughtful package in both hands while making Nishino's refreshing face.
I have a vague understanding of what makes a woman happy, but it's difficult to choose a gift for a man 🤔
We are waiting for you with Easter-style gifts and interiors worth nearly 200 million yen this time as well🥚



well today"Dating after foundingI would like to write about ☺
For women who use salons, we ask that you wait about 4 hours on the day of your visit to the salon.
If you are a working woman or if it is difficult to secure 4 hours, we may also let you know in advance ☺


It is a rule of SALON to always give the transportation expenses to the woman after the establishment.
Recently, at Universe Club, it's gentle to give you a meal date in 2 hours and transportation expenses, plus if you go to the second restaurant.
It was recommended.
I think so, too.
I think some women feel that 4 yen for a full four-hour date is not enough in this day and age.


After all, is it money?
Honestly, I think that's the first entrance.The reality is that even women don't want to meet a stingy person for the second time unless it's very serious.

Aside from that, I'm curious about both men and womenDating episode after going out


・I think that about 3% of people who exchange contact information and meet face-to-face at a later date.
Those who chat for about 2.30 minutes in the salon, exchange LINEs and go home.


・People who enjoy lunch or dinner by making a reservation in advance at a nice restaurant.


・People who go to bars because they both like alcohol.


・ Those who go shopping


・ For members who come from afar and want to enjoy a date with a woman at the SALON
We would like to ask you to inform the women and secure time so that you can enjoy it.


Are there no direct hotels?
Total nonsense.


As far as interviews go, the number of women who want to be invited to direct hotels is endless.
I think most women want to check how they feel after eating.

We do not recommend joining SALON if you want to go straight.
(Of course, I think it depends on the feeling...)

I understand that you don't like women's hourly wage conversion, but I would like you to understand that the entrance is Papa Katsu Club.


butopened the door on the other sideSome men and women are boyfriends, and some people like her have a relationship that is not about money or time.
People who went to watch baseball games together, went to dance lessons, traveled to hot springs, traveled abroad, and even created a life path together.
who live together
There are men and women who have created a relationship that transcends the wall of dad activity.


When I receive such a report, my heart is excited and I am really happy as if it were my own.
Ah, it's the moment when I sincerely think that I'm glad I did this job.


In this once-in-a-lifetime life, I would like to create a salon with the concierge thinking hard so that you can have a wonderful time and create a wonderful relationship.
We hope that you will experience a salon that can only be found here, which is as good as machines.

Thank you for your continued support.




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Concierge Ayano Haneda


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