salon diary

Thank you from SALON.

thank you always.

This is Hayama, who will be graduating from THE SALON at the end of this month.


This will be my last blog post.




I'm just starting to write the opening remarks in the same way as usual, but...


"Finally, it's really time to say goodbye to the salon."


A big feeling finally overflows now,It completely envelops me.

That's how I feel.

Wow! !


Indeed, with a nasty sentence, pretending to be sentimental, it invites tears,I'm trying to make it look cool, but...

(Really, it's an old man's bad habit)


Besides, even if I retire,It's not like I'm moving abroad!

It's just a "department transfer", yes.

(It's the fate of an office worker.)


At SALON, for two and a half years,I acted as a concierge.

I was blessed with not only the male and female members, but also my fellow concierges.


There are too many memories at SALON,If you leave it to your emotions and write,I have a feeling it's going to be quite a long sentence.Because,At least at the end, I would like to summarize briefly (lol)


honest place,I have feelings for SALON.


When I heard about the transfer at the beginning of the year, my heart wavered.

I love my work at SALON so much that I am confident and profess to those around me.And above all, it's comfortable.


Just like this, everyday life at SALONI was convinced that it would continue.


I felt like there was still a lot left to do.

So, if possible, I wanted to continue staying at SALON.


However, as there is a word "Hachibunme",I was also vaguely aware that if I was full and completely satisfied, I would not grow any further.

When I started to think about it again, I started to think, "Ah, I'm glad I'm XNUMX% full at SALON."


In the case of I,If you have some unfinished business,just good and happyI feel like

The energy of unfinished thoughts hits the new environment,I would like to further improve myself!


"After all, it's a long sentence!"


In a place where such a tsukkomi is likely to enter,This is my last greeting (laughs).


Everyone who took care of me!

Thank you very much.


And we will continue to do so...


Thank you for visiting THE SALON in Ginza, which I love so much!



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Concierge Shinji Hayama


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