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  • June 19, 2019
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Blue Bird of Happiness

Thank you very much for your help.

East Customer Loyalty Group
I'm Itsuki in charge of THE SALON.

"What is that we're looking for?It's a blue bird
We went a long way to find him, but he was always here."

so recentlyTwitterI'm doing my best.

Did you know?
The SALON has an official Twitter account.

↓ I will publish it for a while!Please follow us! ↓

As for the content,
・ Haneda uses his name as a hashtag
・ Shimabara was squealing

Staff who are not familiar with SNS are doing their best through trial and error.

It may be interesting to get a glimpse of the staff's elemental part.

Itsuki is thinking about posting a poem as well.
Don't forget your winter gear when viewing.

(*just kidding of course)

Changing the subject, Itsuki's goal for this season is
If you touch me, you'll get burned, it's an encounter.

It seems that the injured right hand in Tsukishima is still tingling.

Finally, in connection with the "blue bird"
Let me close with a quote from Maurice Maeterlinck.

"Heaven is where we kiss each other.
It's everywhere.”

Thank you for your continued support of The SALON.

East Customer Loyalty Group
THE SALON Jun Itsuki


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